100 years of tradition

TOGAL - since 1914

Togal Classic Duo

Togal Classic Duo contains the proven painkillers acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol. This combination is generally well tolerated, is particularly good for headache, tooth and menstrual pain, provides a rapid and reliable pain relief and anti-inflammatory.

Efasit Retro

efasit RETRO

For fit feet! Today, just like yesterday. Highest innovation in the foot care industry since 1938. A quality product made by Togal in Germany. Energises, nourishes and revives tired feet.

flint MED

First aid for treating minor wounds. On the go, during sports activities or on holiday: flint® MED makes sure that you are ready for any eventuality! For cleaning, disinfecting and protecting minor wounds and injuries. The Instant Relief Stick – specially formulated for use on irritated skin and insect bites; soothing and cooling to the skin.

efasit- since 1938

Has been making feet fit for 80 years.

efasit CLASSIC

The foot care line for the daily care regime. The efasit® CLASSIC foot care system has the products of choice for daily foot care. efasit® CLASSIC keeps feet looking beautiful and supple and has just the right product to meet every need.


For the deep relaxation of legs and feet. The products of the efasit® WELLNESS series are specially formulated to be a source of pure relaxation for the entire body. For deep-penetrating care and pampering of legs and feet.

efasit SPORT

Foot care for active athletic feet. Outdoor activities place feet and legs under extreme stress. However, a remedy has now been found for hard-working feet. The new efasit® SPORT product line is specially formulated to provide relief for the extremely active feet of athletes. 

efasit Relax - Spezial - Deluxe

Luxury for the feet

efasit RELAX

Luxury for the feet - The natural cell renewal is stimulated and activated. Valuable oils smooth the skin and prevent it from drying out. Antioxidants and exfoliating fruit acid extracts provide a wonderfully soft and supple skin feeling.


efasit SPEZIAL

Foot care for particularly sensitive skin.
Smoothes dry feet, relieves itching, cares, calms and makes the feet supple.

efasit DELUXE

Exquisite foot care
Tradition and luxury come together in the efasit DELUXE series for feet and legs.