Togal Werk Munich AG – Philosophy

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best possible “carefree lifetime”. We help with mindfulness and moderation exactly where you need it, using as natural and gentle active ingredients of particularly good quality as possible.

For a better quality of life in today’s society

Togal Werk München AG was founded in 1914 and since then we have helped to develop with the people and society in which we operate. Today, our everyday life is undergoing a great change. Many things are becoming digital, structures that have been tried and tested up to now change almost every day. The requirements for people in this society are also changing and this requires up-to-date products for care and treatment.

At the same time, people in today’s society are once again concerned with greater enjoyment of life, awareness of real values and transparency. In our view, this is a very positive development. We support this gladly and help people to enjoy their agility and joy in everyday life and to keep their life in the right balance. For us, this is a real quality of life that we are committed to as a whole.

The best quality for people

Products that support this quality of life are our goal. We manufacture our high-quality products as far as possible in Germany. We want to give something back to the society in which we are active. At the same time, it is a guarantee for the exceptionally high quality and balanced mode of action of our products, as we are closely associated with their manufacture.

In the area of pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of care products, this holistic approach is like an “intellectual climate change”. For us, this is a positively motivating challenge that we are happy to face every day.

We look forward to supporting you in your everyday life.