Efasit – Philosophy

“Efasit makes feet fit.”

Joy of life from feet to head

The idea of Efasit: A foot care for the whole person! What sounds like a contradiction is true: healthy and well-groomed feet keep us agile and fit. And when we are “good on foot”, our entire body is stimulated, including the mind.

At Efasit we use the most natural, high-quality and well-tolerated ingredients possible, so that your feet receive exactly the care and support they need. Our focus is on giving the people who use them a plus in quality of life. That is why we at Efasit consider exactly what we do and adapt the products optimally to the people.

“Joy of life is one of the most important things in life”. And it arises when you can participate in life in a relaxed and active way. When you’re in the middle of life and you move. That’s why we enjoy taking care of our feet, as they are the basis for exercise and thus joie de vivre.

Good to the feet, to people, to the environment and to society.

What applies to our parent company, “Togal Werk München AG”, also applies to Efasit: “Everything we do should have a positive benefit for people, the environment and society”. Besides your personal agility we want to keep the whole society in which we live agile.

Because only an agile society can develop healthily. And this is important at a time when new things are happening every day. Whichever way you choose – we go with you and support you, keep you agile and fit. Over the foot to the head.

“For us, “good for society” also means that we produce our products in Germany if possible, with a quality management system that is oriented towards the quality standards of a pharmaceutical company, but acts with a great feeling for people.

The goal of all our actions: more quality of life for you and the society in which we all live. In the area of pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of care products, this approach is like an “intellectual climate change”. For us, this is a positively motivating challenge that we are happy to face every day.

We look forward to keeping your feet and you fit.